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How can I find the book which I am looking for?

·         The books which are on the library shelves are placed according to the Dwey Dissection System. Tables and directions are prepared to help users for this system. 1) General table (Numbers and colors of 10 main subjects), 2) Detailed table and 3) Subject table (explanation of the main subject) about this dissection system are prepared in the saloons. Furthermore these tables, you can see whether the book is available on the library collection and the place of the shelf by the information about the resource which you are looking from the OPAK scan computers.

·         It’s suggested to follow the orders below;
A) You can learn the number of the book you search and its section either from the homepage of the library’s site or from the OPAK scan computers in the information desk.

B) You can benefit from the explanation about dissection system which is used and guidance tables.




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