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Cebeci Public Library Directorate was opened in 1972, serving under Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Culture Libraries general Directorate.

The collection of the Library was constituted when printed Works of old Alphabet, Borrowing Book Service and Province Public Library’s moving to Yenimahalle, which was located previously in Ulus Kediseven Street. In the laters years collection was enlarged with purchasing and donations .

In 1985 3731 Handwritten Manuscripts, ,n 1986 12912 printed Works of old Alphabet, and 15382 Foreign language Works were transfered to adnan Ötüken Province Public Library.

In 1978 the Children Department was come into service.

In 2006 the Internet Access Center got started. In 2011 our library, whose interior and exterior decoration were completed, have been going on giving service.




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