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Library Rules

   A)     General Rules

1-      Be quiet in the library. Don’t talk aloud. Don’t make group works in study rooms. Keep the phones mute in the library. Readers and staff must make their conversations outside of the study room.

2-      Don’t make reservation on the tables.

3-      Don’t change order in the study rooms and public places. You must keep the tables tidy and cleaning the library.

4-      Readers must leave the book which they take to the worker desk.

5-      You must keep clean and tidy the restroom.

6-      It mustn’t be behave against the rules and individually. You must behave equally.

7-      Don’t leave ID card, wallet and belongings. Otherwise our library won’t responsible for the loss.

8-      Every age group should use their own section in the library.

9-      Except the allowed places, refreshments and food mustn’t be kept in the library.

10-   Every morning and suggestion that is uttered by the staff and management.

How can you help us?

1-      Obey our rules and warning.

2-      Make a request and give a suggestion.

3-      Let us know our deficiency.

4-      Participate our activities.

5-      Be volunteer.

6-      Donate Materials (books, films, musics, etc.)



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